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PS3 harddrive

Getting the help you need to get back to the games

Having access to your favorite video games at all times is probably something you are going to want if you are true gamer. This means that getting something like a ps3 hard drive upgrade is probably a good idea for many people. It is possible to get this ps3 hard drive upgrade if you need […]

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Xbox 360: Red Ring of Death Repair

The most common issue that most Xbox 360 owners will face at some point in time, is seeing the Xbox 3 red lights, or as it's nick named "The Red Ring of Death." It's tough when you don't have a warranty for your Xbox 360, and you're in the middle of a major achievement—when you're […]

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Ps3 Troubleshooting Techniques

Playstation 3 Troubleshooting Guide

Electronics make our lives easier. Most of the time at least. Electronics will, at some point, fail to function as they are meant to. Sony released the Playstation 3 a few years back to fairly warm consumer reviews and it has only been gaining ground over the last couple years. As more and more people […]

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Ps3 The Easy Way To Troubleshoot

Millions of video game fans have had problems with their consoles, from over heating, to disc read errors and beyond. The unfortunate thing about it all is that most companies won't even fix the machines because they are out of warranty, and will charge an arm and a leg to get them replaced. But just […]

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What’s the fun of this?

We all love to play video games. Some of us more than others. The point is that no one likes it when they have a gaming system that is not working. Whenever you are in need of an xbox repair, you are probably going to want to get this done as quickly as possible. Every […]

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The new repair man

Are you frustrated by the fact that you are not able to play your ps3 because it is currently broken? If this is the case, then you are going to want to contact as quickly as possible. This is a company that offers ps3 repairs as well as repairs of many other gaming systems […]

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Playstation 3 Hard Drive Upgrade

After conquering the many battlefields in Call of Duty: Black Ops, to drifting your car across the world in Grand Turismo 5 (GT5) there is a never ending supply of data that your PS3 system can save for you. This data is no doubt as important to the user as the system itself! But what […]

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Buying a refurbished or used video game console

Buying a refurbished video game console or pre-owned system can be a very risky endeavor if the seller is not a reputable dealer. With the growth of today’s internet sales reaching higher every year it’s easy to understand why websites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and other wholesale distributors over the internet would be a prime […]

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Best Professional Xbox Repair Service

If you have ever had your Xbox console shut off during an epic game, you know the frustration felt by many. You also know the list of thoughts that start flooding your mind. More often than not, those thoughts immediately push you towards running down and purchasing a new Xbox. If you ever find yourself […]

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Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

Xbox 3 Red Lights Spot Light

The Xbox 3 red lights, a devoted gamer’s bane. This error is usually attributed to a “general hardware failure”. But there is hope so don’t despair! Figuring out the Xbox 3 red lights Here are a few steps to find the problem if it is ascribed to a common hardware breakdown. Try this first. Remove […]

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Leave the PS3 Console Repair to the Pros

What could be worse than being in the middle of a match and your PS3 stops working? You probably can't think of many things more dreadful than that. You know PS3 console repair is probably in your near future and you're not too sure what to do. You know you're not too handy at repairing […]

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Quality ps3 Repair

The Playstation 3 is a top caliber console that has a multitude of features. With all the features that it has, it is hard for something to go without breaking. ps3 repair is needed, most at unexpected times, and often require professional service. If you're looking for quality ps3 repair, then Videogame911 is the right […]

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