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PS3 BluRay Laser Replacement

As with any technology, there is always the risk of things being faulty from the manufacturer or just breaking after lots of (or improper) use. It’s not common for the BluRay laser to need replacing in the PS3, but it does happen and it’s not something you can just fix on your own. If your disc reader has stopped reading discs consistently and cleaning it has not solved the problem, you’ll need to send it in to get it fixed.


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  1. Chuck Willis #

    My Play station 3 won’t play blue ray disc are game’s after i updated to 3.56 firmware keep getting error code 80010516, it will play DVD Video and Play Station 1 game’s.

    • There are many active lasers inside of the blu ray assembly. This also means that there are many possible failure combination’s which can cause the PS3 to not read certain disc types, but not others. PS3 blu ray reading adds another laser in the unit which is active whenever the unit needs to read high compression blu ray disc formats. The PS3 lasers can be adjusted, repaired, replaced, or calibrated by our high tech repair methods to correct whatever PS3 disc reading issues your system may have. Our service will give you a complete update once it is received and diagnostics are completed. From there, we will have your system repaired quickly and returned safely with all of your saved data intact.

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