Top 10 break down list

Video Game Repair is owned and operated by With countless years repairing and replacing video game systems. We bring the expertise you would expect when shipping and repairing your system. Trust us, we are gamers too we understand how important it is to get you back in the gaming seat. So feel free to look around you will find all the needed information regarding your system platform.

Every day we repair systems with every problem imaginable. While we feel that we have seen everything, there is always something which surprises us and shows us that there are some common issues which many systems have in common. With this in mind, we have compiled a fun but TRUE list of the top ten things that you should do to avoid the repair shop.

10. Liquids and video game systems do not mix. Try your best to avoid spilling beer, soda, and also watch so your dog does not pee on your Xbox 360 elite. All of these are a major problem for a working console.

9. Bugs love warm places. If creepy crawlies have moved into your home, there is a good chance they will find the power supply of your expensive Playstation 3. There is enough room inside for a bunch of them and they are conductive. Soon one or more will short a circuit and send your system into meltdown. Get an exterminator.

8. Wii’s are great for youngsters to enjoy and play with. Just beware that your kids will think care and feeding requires that they insert all sorts of creative items into their drive “mouths”. Your system is not a piggy bank. Loose change is a great thing when it isn’t stored inside of your DVD drive. It is heavy and does not play nice when jammed into the mechanism and gears of your unit. The one nice thing, will always return the coins with your repaired system. Word of advice, keep the system high up on top of the entertainment unit out of their reach.

7. Don’t find out when it is too late that your system does not bounce. If it has fallen, it won’t get up without our help.

6. Your DS fits nicely into your back pocket, try to remember that BEFORE you sit on it.

5. PSP discs do not go inside of your PS3 drive. They may fit into the slot and make your PS3 drive sound like a crash in Motorstorm, but GAME OVER will turn into Repair ON.

4. While you may have the most legit reasons for attempting to modify your console to play backups, this isn’t the best idea for some of you. If you plan on doing it, buy a couple of modchips and consoles so you can get it right the fourth or fifth time. Fill out a sell order with us for the systems you destroy and we will try to reimburse you for these horribly expensive failed attempts.

3. Sibling rivalries are as data damaging as a scorned girlfriend. Don’t let your younger brother’s frustration with you result in a broken system. Even more, a jealous 95lb girlfriend can throw a PS3 farther than you would like to know.

2. Auction and classified add websites and great places to find deals. Please remember to read the fine print and that AS-IS systems are that way for a reason. Don’t expect to buy broken and then send us a unit which is filled with weights instead of electronics. Gullible is in the dictionary and it should be on page 1.

1. Don’t fight your disc tray or drive ejecting. Doing so will misalign the loading mechanisms. If your game/DVD/music disc gets jammed in the console, do not use a screwdriver/knife/other sharp objects to remove the disc. Also, do not use a crowbar to try to access the inside of the drive. We guarantee your system will need drive parts replaced if you use force to remove the disc from the drive. Be gentle and hope for the best. Error on the side of caution…