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Playstation 3 Hard Drive Upgrade

After conquering the many battlefields in Call of Duty: Black Ops, to drifting your car across the world in Grand Turismo 5 (GT5) there is a never ending supply of data that your PS3 system can save for you. This data is no doubt as important to the user as the system itself! But what […]

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Video Games are taking over!

While video game sales dropped 8 percent in 2009, the time spent playing online video games has risen 10 percent.  The average time spent playing videogames per week is 18 hours per gamer.  With that being said, video games console systems are running hard while they are taking over the world.  With every electronic device, […]

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How to safely ship your system

How many of us have sent a package through the mail only to have items arrive broken and completely useless?  Every day we receive boxes that have been delivered by the mail or a shipping company that look like they’ve been kicked all the way to our door. So, it’s up to you to pack […]

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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS – Product Features Everytime I hear someone talk about 3D TV the main concern is that people do not want to wear 3D glasses to have the experience.  With 3D TV sales on the rise, only true genius could top the technological barrier.  With much fanfare the winner may be simple once again.  […]

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Video Game Console Repair Nurse

People are so frustrated whenever their video game system has a problem, with good reason.  You spend a ton of money just to get your hands on these popular consoles, and after what feels like no time at all you get an error message or strange lights and you don’t know what to do. Well […]

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Thank You

VideoGame911 wants to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. While Black Friday shopping, check out for hot deals on your favorite systems!! We also have accessories at bargain prices so take a look before fighting the crowds!!

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This Year Put Some Wear & Tear on Your Game Console

Many gamers spend hours playing on their Xbox, and with the wear and tear of imparted on their game console, it isn’t hard to foresee something going wrong with your unit. There are several options open to people who are looking to fix their console. Many people are now looking for an Xbox 360 repair […]

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Xbox Hard Drive Replacement

There are two reasons why you would need to replace your Xbox 360 hard drive: (1) your hard drive crashed and you’re unable to start your console or (2) you’re running out of storage space on your hard drive and you need a larger hard drive. Whatever the case may be, Video Game 911 can […]

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Color Customization

Who wants to stick with the boring black and white consoles? Not me! That’s why you should send yours to Video Game 911 to be customized. VideoGame911 can provide a customized appearance for your video game console. Whether it’s a new shell for your hand held unit or a spray on epoxy paint for your […]

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Repairs for Laser Disc Based Consoles

Unlike the top loading cartridge based consoles of the 1990s like the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64, consoles that use laser discs are prone to damage.  With a cartridge based console, there are few ways for it to become damaged, but a laser can wear down over time, and also discs can become […]

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News 12 NJ – VideoGame911

Video Game 911 finally gets the recognition it deserves. Follow the link above to check out our recent coverage on channel 12. Hear Vinny owner of speak about the interesting things that kids will stick into their video game system hard drives. “I recommend keeping it 4 feet or more on your entertainment center […]

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DS Lite Screen Problems?

If runny colors or blotchy colors permanently remain on the screen, even when the Nintendo DS Lite is OFF, then the liquid crystal display (LCD) is cracked. In this situation, your system will need to be repaired. Submit a repair order If the screens get dark, the back light can switch off for two reasons: […]

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