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Repairs for Laser Disc Based Consoles

Unlike the top loading cartridge based consoles of the 1990s like the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64, consoles that use laser discs are prone to damage.  With a cartridge based console, there are few ways for it to become damaged, but a laser can wear down over time, and also discs can become scratched.  When the laser lens wears down to the point that it can no longer read discs, it needs to be replaced.  However, for some consoles, like all of the Sony PlayStations, this can be temporarily solved by turning the console on its side (or flat if it’s been used on its side).  This often fixes the problem for the moment because the lens is being used from a different orientation, and thus is not worn out on that part.

You can also send the console in to the manufacturer to get it repaired, but this can take weeks and often costs a lot.  The other option is to send in your console to a third party that repairs gaming consoles.  Most of the time it’s a simple parts replacement and your console will be good as new.  In addition, third parties can do Wii, Xbox 360, even PS3 console repair with ease.


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