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Curse this Scratched Screen!

pspscreenrepairscratched-videogame911Let’s face it, too often PSP screens become scratched and damaged from clumsy hands and uninformed adolescents.  When you have a lot of scratches on your PSP, it can be a challenge to play it with the distortion.  In addition, watching UMD movies on the PSP is even worse because you’ll be noticing that same annoying scratch for upwards of ninety minutes.  Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of simple methods you can do at home to repair your PSP screen.  You can try to buff scratches out, but depending on the solution you use, this can cause further damage to the screen or the internal electronics if you’re not careful. 

The easiest way to repair a scratched screen is to send it out to be cared for by a professional.  PSP screen repair is one of the most common demands of the PSP owner, and there are specialists that can either replace the screen, or buff out scratches to make it look like new.  With a new screen, it’s almost as if you have a new system too!

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