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Making Repairs on a PlayStation 2

ps2-sony-black-slimlineThe PlayStation 2, or PS2, is quite a durable video game console, but still has some of the same problems as its predecessor, the PlayStation 1 or PS1.  The PS1 was the first successful console to make the transition from cartridges to CDs, and while CDs have significant advantages over cartridges, there are also a few drawbacks.  Cartridges, for all of their folly, are much more reliable than CDs, and the same can be said of cartridge based video game consoles.  Unlike a cartridge based video game console, a CD based video game console suffers from two common problems.  First, the lens which the laser inside the console uses to read the CDs becomes worn out over time, making it more difficult for the console to read game CDs.  In addition, the game CDs themselves are liable to become scratched, making it difficult for the video game console to read the data on the CD through the lens.  Over time, almost all CD based consoles will decline and become unusable. 

To repair a console like the PS2, which has been around for quite some time and is still making money, it’s most necessary to send it into a PS2 repairs service that can replace the lens, and also re tune the system inside.  With a few basic repairs from a professional, even a PS2 can last generations to come.  But don’t throw away that cartridge based system in case you want to game while your PS2 is undergoing repairs!

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