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If Your Xbox Shows 3 Red Lights, Beware!

You have some of your friends over and you are all involved in some challenging games on your Xbox. Then, out of the clear blue sky, you do not see just one red light flashing, you see three. This is time to stop and take notice. If your Xbox 3 red lights are flashing this indicates you have an issue with either your power supply or that there is a hardware problem.

When you notice the Xbox 3 red lights flashing, the first thing you want to do is locate the power supply light and check to make certain it is green. If you have green then you have a "go" signal. Next you want to check your power supply cables. The first thing you want to do is disconnect the power cord from the back of your console as well as from the wall outlet. Next, reconnect both power sources. It is time to turn your console back on and hope the Xbox 3 red lights are not flashing. If the Xbox 3 red lights continue to flash then you have a bigger issue.

Since the Xbox 3 red lights flashing indicate you have a bigger problem than the power supply you will need to contact the premier repair company to take professional care of your Xbox. You can find them at www.videogame911.com. This company is the Cadillac of system repairs. If you feel you will be lost without your Xbox there is no worry here as this company will repair your console within 24 hours. You do not want to wait or hope the Xbox 3 red lights will stop flashing. Instead, you want to make immediate contact with www.videogame911.com and get your console to them as quickly as possible.

Since you realize the Xbox 3 red lights flashing means your console needs attention you should contact the company who is striving to be the premier online source for fixing consoles. If your console is old and you feel it does not have a chance to survive, think again. The company will give it the best medical attention possible and your Xbox will live to offer you many more challenges and exciting games. Do not let those Xbox 3 red lights flashing lead you to believe your Xbox needs to be sent to the dumpster; instead, contact www.videogame911.com.

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