Shipping Systems

You have a broken system which needs repair. A fast search of the web and you find After reading our credentials your smart enough to know that you have found the right place to correct the problem. From the homepage, you fill out a repair order. Next, to keep repair costs down, we ask that our customers take the responsibility to ship their systems to us once the repair order is completed. is staffed with a highly trained group of professional repair technicians who take great pride in their work.

In order for us to do our “magic” with your system the shipping part should not be left to chance. We recommend using major carriers when shipping, the US postal service (USPS) is the cheapest and most commonly used option. DHL, UPS, and FedEX are also options which provide service to us in New Jersey. The one thing we have noticed is that the boxes do take a light to heavy beating while on their way.

Please be aware that the carriers deal with tens of thousands of other packages and when transporting in and out of the delivery trucks they may regularly be stacked or bounced around as they travel. Additionally, when the manufacters shipped the new systems to the stores, they were packaged together on a full pallet which stays put and keeps them damage free in the boxes without needing bubble wrap or additional packaging materials. The reason we mention this is that packaging material is always required when sending your system to us. It is a common occurance for us to open a box and find a system inside with nothing to protect it during shipment. Have you ever seen a PS3 shipped across the country with no protection inside of a box? Rarely does the plastic structure survive the trip.

Your efforts will keep your repair costs down, doing a good job packaging your system adaquately no matter what the distance it will travel. Whatever the case, once repaired, we will upgrade boxes and take great care to add appropriate packaging to your system for the safe return to its destination.

One trick to our system, send us the tracking number and we will provide the highest level of customer service possible with that information. We will track the package for you and update you if there is any issue with your shipment delivery to us. Once it arrives, we will notify you and from there we take care of the rest. Please let us know when we can expect to receive your system order and we thank you for your business.