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Don’t try to replace your PS3 Blu Ray or xBox360 DVD drive without reading this first

While we highly recommend leaving the repair of your video game system to the xbox 360 experts, we regularly receive orders from clients who have tried to unsuccessfully repair their own systems. Many of the repair attempts center around replacement DVD drives. Commonly clients go out on E-Bay and other websites and purchase replacement Blu Ray or DVD drives for their PS3 and xBox360 systems. What the sellers don’t tell you is that after you pay top dollar for the drive replacement, the system will not work with the new drive. The original system drives are electronically married to the motherboard of the system which makes the attempted repairs virtually impossible to complete successfully. Once the replacement drive is installed, the system will play movies, but it will no longer play games. Basically it will turn your expensive video game system into a basic DVD player, which is not what you would expect.

We do have some advice for you. DON’T DO IT! In addition to wasting your money on parts, after a great deal of effort you will learn that www.videogame911.com is the best way to solve your problems and get you back in the game. Don’t be fooled by sellers who are not providing this information to you. VideoGame911.com has 100% of parts in stock to repair drive errors and you will only pay for the parts which are replaced, not the entire drive. Hopefully you will read this BEFORE you buy a high priced replacement, but whatever the case www.videogame911.com is here to help. Send us your system with the original drive and we will get you back into the game.

We are ready to turn your game over into a GAME ON!

4 Responses to “Don’t try to replace your PS3 Blu Ray or xBox360 DVD drive without reading this first”

  1. I am glad I read your post before I went and replaced my drive. I can tell now that I would have been making a big mistake. The blu ray drive on my Playstation 3 went out some time ago and I didn’t want to send it to Sony cause of the cost. So I gave videogame911.com a chance after researching them of course. They were able to fix my system the same day they got it. Thanks keep up the good work.

  2. I’m having the same problem with my PS3 and it gave out last night..looks like I’m ready to send it to these guys (videogame911.com) instead of sony since its been 2 years. I heard sony charges $150 for none warranty. If you don’t mind, can you tell me how much they charged you for it? Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Tim #

    Fast reliable service. They did a great job on my ps3.
    I will use them again in the future in needed.

  4. Steven D #

    I did not read this before I ordered a new drive for my system. After me and my friend took apart the unit, I broke the connector for the drive cable. I didn’t expect it to be so fragile. Basically found this post after and then sent it off to VideoGame911.com to get fixed for the damage I had done. They fixed the connector and repaired my drive and I now have my precious system back to me. I was so worried that I would have lost all my data like the other sites which do that. I am happy I didn’t loose my wifes pictures we have saved over the years.

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