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How to safely ship your system

How many of us have sent a package through the mail only to have items arrive broken and completely useless?  Every day we receive boxes that have been delivered by the mail or a shipping company that look like they’ve been kicked all the way to our door. So, it’s up to you to pack your box so it can survive just about anything.

Packing is very essential for safe relocation.  There are many things that can be done to avoid the damage we come in contact with daily.

First, you should choose your box.  Make sure your system is going to fit in the box and that there is still enough room to add packaging material.  You don’t want a box so big that the item can tumble around in it, but you don’t want it so small and tight that the box and packaging itself might break the system.  We recommend the box be at least 2 inches bigger the system on ALL sides.  If your console is close to any sides of the box, and that box gets dropped, there is going to be damage.  Please don’t try to stuff your PS3 or Xbox in a flat rate box. Although you may save on shipping you will end up with damage that will cost you more money in the end.

Next try to get some big bubbled bubble wrap if you can.  If not, you can use the smaller bubble wrap.  Wrap the system many times until you are confident it is %100 percent protected.  Some bubbles may pop during shipment, so you should make sure to wrap the system at least 2 or 3 times.

You can use some newspaper at the bottom of the box, and then place your system in.  If there is any extra space in the package, use crumbled newspaper as filler for the top of the box.  You need to make sure the system is not going to bounce around once you seal it and newspaper really helps with filling the box.

Once your box is completely packed, tape it up.  Make sure to tape the system with at least two or 3 sheets of tape.  If you think the box can be opened easily, then use more tape.  The items inside are very expensive and worth an extra piece of tape!  We don’t want you to lose any items in transit.

Now that you have completed sealed your package all that’s left to do is bring your box to USPS, UPS, or FedEx to ship.  All their prices for USA shipping are similar so just pick the one that is the closest to you.

Please never take for granted that the carriers will treat your box with care.  Remember, many people will handle your box on its route; it may end up stacked with many boxes on top of it.  If you follow these simple guidelines, your box will survive the trip to our facility.  We look forward to receiving your safely packed system.

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