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PS3 Trade in for Xbox 360

Trade PS3 for xBox360. We are all aware of the PSN being down due to the recent hacks into their servers.  The PSN was taken offline on April 20. Sony is aiming to have the service up and running again this month.  People have been losing their patience and many are now so anxious they are trading in their PS3 for the Xbox.   While we know it is difficult for some people not being able to play online or enjoy Netflix, we have come up with a way to help people out.   Here at VideoGame911, We will take in PS3 consoles to trade in for Xbox 360.  We will take a small amount of time to make sure your machine is working, and within an hour or two you could walk away with an xbox360.   If this sounds like something you are interested in, you can fill out an online order with us.  You can put PS3 trade for Xbox in the problem description and send us your machine.  You can also include any accessories you want to get rid of.  Once we receive it, we will test all the items, and find out which model Xbox you are interested in.  When you’ve decided, we will immediately start testing a system and ship one out to you.  While we are all affected by this outage, VideoGame911 can be available to get you back into the game.

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