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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Ever since Donkey Kong Country Returns came out for the Wii, I have been playing it nonstop.  Most of the levels are similar to the older games, and the wiimote is held horizontally when playing the game.  I feel like I am traveling back to my childhood when I play this game.  One difference is you can only use Donkey Kong in single player mode.  You can still have Diddy on your back, and it will enhance Donkey Kong’s jumps, with Diddy’s jet pack.  Another feature that is cool is if you are having trouble with a level, you will be given the option to allow Super Kong to take over and complete the level for them. However, any collectibles obtained while Super Kong is playing will not be counted towards the total.  You will have to collect all the K-O-N-G’s through the levels to be able to complete the game.  Addicting games like Donkey Kong can really stress out the Wii.  If your system has a Wii disc error, black screen, or just needs a cleaning, you can send it to VideoGame911 for a Wii Repair.  We will do everything we can to help you get right back to swinging from vine to vine and collecting those bananas.

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