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Xbox 360: Red Ring of Death Repair

The most common issue that most Xbox 360 owners will face at some point in time, is seeing the Xbox 3 red lights, or as it's nick named "The Red Ring of Death." It's tough when you don't have a warranty for your Xbox 360, and you're in the middle of a major achievement—when you're suddenly taken out of the game by it. Here at VideoGame911 we feel your pain, and we are here to fix it all your Xbox 360 issues, including the Xbox 3 red lights of doom.

The main issue that occurs, and causes you to see the Xbox 3 red lights, is from the console overheating. Because of the high sensitivity, usually a red light error will happen before the Xbox 360 gets hot enough to actually damage its graphical processing unit. Don't Panic, and don't waste your money buying a new one. If you are a hardcore gamer, this issue is probably going to haunt you across many different models. It's not dead, and it's not too late. We can fix your Xbox 360, and get it back to you in ship shape.

Don't fiddle around with it yourself either. Go ahead and read the comments sections of popular internet "do it yourself" videos; most people only wind up frustrated, making it worse, and just buying a new unit. Videogame911 technicians have years in experience of successfully repairing the Xbox 3 red lights problem. When dealing with circuit boards, things can get damaged very easily. We know it's frustrating to see your Xbox 3 red lights glowing every time you unplug the power unit, wait for it to cool down, and plug it back in. When the Xbox 3 red lights don't go away, you need to hire a professional to do your repairs, and that professional is us.

Our fixes aren't simple do it yourself patchwork jobs either. You will not be seeing those Xbox 3 red lights again. We guarantee professional service, and quality speeds. Our goal is to get your Xbox 360 back in working condition, and to stay in working condition.


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