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The Best of the Modern Game Consoles

playstation3The big three modern game consoles are Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and each system has some unique characteristics.  The Nintendo Wii has the largest game library, but in terms of quality, most of its games are less well reviewed.  Xbox 360 is the most technologically advanced system in terms of graphical capabilities, but has the fewest games and the highest cost for a system with all the features.  PlayStation 3 kind of plays the middle ground, but has several benefits the other two systems do not.  First of all, the PlayStation 3 console doubles as a Blu-Ray DVD player, which gives it added functionality.  The PlayStation 3 also boasts a much more impressive game library because it can play all of the old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games in addition to PlayStation 3 games.

I bought a discount PlayStation 3 online, and have enjoyed it a lot more than my Wii and Xbox 360.  Just in general, it gets a lot more use because of its Blu-Ray capabilities than either of my other systems.  Plus it has a ton of great exclusive game titles. The only downfall was that the discounted model had a few bugs when I got it. I was able to find Playstation 3 troubleshooting tips online, and now it is running like new.

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