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Consumers Face PS3 Repair Issues with Screen Freezing

When is come to the ps3 repair, the major problem that always seems to arise is the screen freezing up. There are several reasons your ps3 may stop and freeze up during the middle of a game or before the game actually loads up. Consumers that own a ps3 have stated this as being one […]

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The Best of the Modern Game Consoles

The big three modern game consoles are Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and each system has some unique characteristics.  The Nintendo Wii has the largest game library, but in terms of quality, most of its games are less well reviewed.  Xbox 360 is the most technologically advanced system in terms of graphical capabilities, […]

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Waiting Eagerly for a Product Launch

I’m the type of gamer who saves up well in advance for an upcoming system. Ever since the release of Sony’s original PlayStation, I’ve been a serious proponent for the ensuing systems. When I heard that the PlayStation 3 was hitting American shores in November of 2006, I could think about nothing else. While most […]

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PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade Newly Released!!

[ad#ad-3] 320GB! The Sony Playstation 3 can handle larger hard drives up to 320GB and beyond 500GB+. www.VideoGame911.com has certified drives of all sizes which can be swapped into your PS3 system. Want to upgrade your PS3 hard drive? You have come to the right place, no matter the current size of the drive in […]

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Video Game Repair

As video game systems materialize into one of the more successful industries to date. So does the need for quality repair of those systems. Videogame911.com has grown to be a widely publicized gateway to all video game system repair needs. While remaining up to date with the newest technologies they have been able to continue […]

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