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Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

Xbox 3 Red Lights Spot Light

The Xbox 3 red lights, a devoted gamer’s bane. This error is usually attributed to a “general hardware failure”. But there is hope so don’t despair! Figuring out the Xbox 3 red lights Here are a few steps to find the problem if it is ascribed to a common hardware breakdown. Try this first. Remove the hard drive and the memory from the Xbox and then start it up. Under the system tab, run the INITIAL SETUP. At this point it should prompt you for memory and hard drive insertion, politely decline this invitation. After that is clear, insert a game and sync up a controller. Now, with the console running, carefully insert the hard drive into the hard drive bay completely, it should be level. Once you have the drive inserted you can power down the console and then power it back on.

Now you can verify that the hard drive is showing in the console. Once you have verified that the hard drive is there, power down the console again. Now carefully insert the memory back into the console. After inserting the memory power up the console and you should see no more Xbox 3 red lights. If you had green lights with the hard drive but then red lights with the memory, it may be bad memory keeping you from conquering on the battlefield. In such a case you will need to get replacements. However, if you no longer have the Xbox 3 red lights then new worlds are yours to rule! Still have the Xbox 3 red lights? Big bummer, then the problem could be elsewhere. Another cause for this red glowing frustration may be heat. Yes my friend, heat. If the GPU is overheating it will cause this error. So if you still have the Xbox 3 red lights error at this point and your Xbox is still under warranty I would recommend sending it in. If it isn’t, then keep looking because there are tons of instructions out there in the virtual world to make the nasty Xbox 3 red lights error go away.

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