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Remembering the Best Generation

_PLAYS2Before there was the train wreck that is PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 2 enjoyed years of success.  PS3 is a cool system, it has great graphical capabilities, an embedded Blu-Ray player, and lots of third parties backing it with games.  However, you can count the amount of quality games for the PS3 on one hand.  PS2 consoles have been reduced to bargain shelves in retail stores, but are still a far superior gaming system. Yes their graphics aren’t as stunning, but the game library for the PS2 is unrivaled. PS3 consoles are backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games, but they cost so much that in terms of gaming, purchasing PS2 consoles right now makes more sense.

PS2 has hundreds of great games, and costs a fraction of the price of PS3.  Until Sony starts to have some better games, PS2 will be the choice of gamers who want an affordable system with an unrivaled library of games. You can find great deals on used PS2 consoles and if they aren’t running properly, it’s easy to find PS2 troubleshooting tips online.

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