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Play Your PS2 Games Again!

ps2-ps3It was disappointing news when Sony announced their newest version of the PS3 console would no longer support PS2 games. As a system that has had few exclusive titles and only marginal success in the market, the PS3 needs all the help it can get, and removing the PS2 game support caused consumer enthusiasm for the console to plummet. However, for those who want to play PS2 games but own a newer PS3 model, a refurbished PS2 console is a great option. Perhaps some people even have a PS2 that has since ceased to work or is in need of refurbishing. PlayStation 2 repairs are quite inexpensive, and a professional console repair person can get even one of the older consoles working like new.

With a refurbished PlayStation 2, people can play all their favorite PS2 games for several more years. Hopefully, by that time, there will be a few more notable games for PS3 and people won’t need to rely on their PS2s for entertainment!

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