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Overcoming the YLOD

During the last several years the Microsoft Xbox 360 has received a lot of bad press concerning hardware failures, and Sony's Playstation 3 has been seen as much more stable, but sometimes there can be the need for Playstation 3 console repair. Unfortunately while this is true overall there are occasional instances of Playstation 3 hardware failure in which the console displays the yellow light of death. While this is a scary experience for many PS3 owners the fact is that it is far from the end for their console, and in fact repairs for this are very affordable. The Yellow light of death is a problem that can be easily solved by technicians for very affordable rates, there is no need to buy another console or send it in to Sony for playstation 3 console repair.

The problem known as the Yellow Light of Death is actually the exact same problem that was present in Microsoft's console. The cooling system for the PS3's processor is not cooled properly and while this problem occurs less often the PS3 does in fact experience the same issues. Sony chose to go ahead and employ a faulty method of cooling down its system's CPU and GPU and the customer has been left to live with it. Luckily with the proper Playstation 3 console repair there is the opportunity to recover your system's functionality and even improve it! Once a PS3 has been repaired then this problem is much less likely to occur in the future, and such a result is actually an improvement on the console.

For those who are unaware of how to perform the proper Playstation 3 console repair there needs to be time invested in finding professionals that can adequately repair the system. Playstation 3 console repair for an amateur gamer is not a good idea, since it voids any warranty and could in fact damage the system further. Consulting a technician and mailing the system in for Playstation 3 console repair is important to making sure that it comes back working, and in better shape than it was before. While there are a number of websites out there that encourage amateur Playstation 3 console repair this is not a good idea for anyone who does possess the proper knowledge.

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