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How to fix the Xbox 3 red lights

The Xbox 3 red lights are the most annoying thing about the Xbox 360. They will just happen without warning, then you have to send it back to Microsoft to get it fixed, and if your warranty is up then you have to buy a new one. But, if you use these tips to prevent and fix the Xbox 3 red lights, then you shouldn't have this problem ever again.

To prevent the Xbox 3 red lights you should make sure your Xbox 350 is never overheated. You can stop this happening by making sure it is in a cool area and not in direct sunlight. If you are willing to spend a little money then you could buy a Xbox fan. This will ensure that your console is cool at all times and will stop the chances of the Xbox 3 red lights happening.

If the Xbox 3 red lights have already happened and you still have your warranty, you can send it back to Microsoft and they will fix it for free. If you haven't still got your warranty then you can try these methods.

The Xbox 3 red lights will mainly happen because you have overheated it. So when it has happened you need to cool it right down. Firstly you need to leave it off with everything unplugged for one or two days and nights. You will need to leave your Xbox in a cold place for that time. When you have done this turn on your Xbox and It should have worked. If this does not work leave it off for another two days.

Hopefully this post helped you fix your Xbox 3 red lights

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