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Consolation for My Console Issue

gamecube1When I was growing up, my friend Brad was the only one in our immediate circle of buddies who had an N64. That meant that his house was our gaming destination by default. We would log long hours playing GoldenEye in his parents’ basement, surviving on snacks and soda into the wee hours of the night. The multiplayer function meant that four of us could be playing the game constantly.

Eventually Nintendo announced its next generation console, the GameCube, and I began eagerly anticipating the release of the GoldenEye follow-up. In 2004, it finally arrived, but I barely got a chance to play for a few hours before my console crashed. It might have overheated; I couldn’t really be sure. If the problem had occurred today, I could have simply looked up Nintendo GameCube console repairs online and found a trustworthy source for all my repair needs.

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