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Breaking a Wii in the Heat of Battle

Nintendo wii repairMy brother and I have always been competitive, but things were taken to the next level last Thanksgiving. I had purchased a Nintendo Wii for my son and daughter to play Wii Sports. When my brother and his family came over for dinner, he noticed the game and immediately challenged me to a round of golf. We started off playing a leisurely round of nine holes and then placed a wager on a full 18-hole round.

I stepped up to tee off on the first par 3 and hit a hole in one. My brother was so disgusted at my “lucky break” that he decided to break something himself. He chose the Wii controller. Throwing it down on the hardwood floor, he went off to the other room to sulk. I was left to pick up the pieces – quite literally – and look for ways to fix my kids’ toy. I found some Nintendo Wii repair options online.

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