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This Year Put Some Wear & Tear on Your Game Console

Many gamers spend hours playing on their Xbox, and with the wear and tear of imparted on their game console, it isn’t hard to foresee something going wrong with your unit. There are several options open to people who are looking to fix their console. Many people are now looking for an Xbox 360 repair […]

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Breaking a Wii in the Heat of Battle

My brother and I have always been competitive, but things were taken to the next level last Thanksgiving. I had purchased a Nintendo Wii for my son and daughter to play Wii Sports. When my brother and his family came over for dinner, he noticed the game and immediately challenged me to a round of […]

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Dragon Age – Xbox 360

BioWare has just released their new dark epic fantasy: Dragon Age Origins. This amazing new RPG will keep you engrossed for hundreds of hours with its incredible story and characters. If you happen to encounter the unthinkable on your quest in the Dragon Age, the 3 rings of death, the only sure way to get […]

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Need For Speed Nitro – Wii

Need For Speed Nitro was just released for the Wii, and it’s time to get your race on. With 30 classic cars which you can battle with and customize, you’re definitely going to be giving your Wii a workout. All that racing for hours on end could overheat your system if you’re not careful to […]

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Lego Rock Band – DS

Lego Rock Band, for the DS, combines LEGO games with the music experience of Rock Band for an all new music experience. You can customize your avatars and your band members, and by completing song and rock challenges you can unlock content to build your own vehicles which you can use to cruise around with […]

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Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier – PSP

Jak and Daxter are at it again in this newest release of the game which picks up where the trilogy left off. Unfortunately for you, however, the screen on your PSP is broken. So, before you can take control of the five different planes to navigate through new zones in the air, get to grips […]

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Tekken 6 – PS3

The newest version of Tekken was just released and many of you are already fighting for world domination. This game is packed with amazing graphics, 6 brand new characters, and intense on-line competition. Tekken 6 is available on the PS3, but the only way you can play is if your Playstation 3 repairs have been […]

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PS3 BluRay Laser Replacement

As with any technology, there is always the risk of things being faulty from the manufacturer or just breaking after lots of (or improper) use. It’s not common for the BluRay laser to need replacing in the PS3, but it does happen and it’s not something you can just fix on your own. If your […]

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DS Lite LCD Replacement

The DS is an incredible little machine, but one unfortunate reality is that if you really get into a game or play it over and over, you may end up with a scratched LCD screen. Fear not my Nintendogs lover! You can be back to petting and training that adorable little yapper in no time […]

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PS2 Laser Replacement

If your PS2 stops reading discs from time to time, and cleaning it yourself does not seem to help, you may to get the laser replaced. This is not something you should attempt to do on your own because it could cause further damage to your system. The technicians at VG 911 are highly experienced […]

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Fixing an Old Xbox 360 Model

The Xbox 360 is rather unique among gaming consoles in that it is available in slightly different models. Whereas console makers like Nintendo and Sony have traditionally waited several years to release a machine with more capabilities, the Xbox 360 was launched in entry-level and elite variations. The Xbox 360 Arcade replaced the Core model […]

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Xbox Hard Drive Replacement

There are two reasons why you would need to replace your Xbox 360 hard drive: (1) your hard drive crashed and you’re unable to start your console or (2) you’re running out of storage space on your hard drive and you need a larger hard drive. Whatever the case may be, Video Game 911 can […]

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