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Repairing a Nintendo Gamecube

gamecubeWhile a hardier console in comparison to the Xbox and PlayStation 2, the Gamecube still had a few known issues and it’s not uncommon for a model to break down after extended use. There are several common ailments with CD based game consoles, the most common being the CD lens wearing down over time. If the console is three or four years old and has seen extended use, a worn out lens could be the cause. One simple solution for this is to turn the console on its side or on its front (depending on how it was most often used before). For example, with a Gamecube that normally sits upright, turn it on its side (be mindful it’s not the side with the cooling fan). This causes the laser from the console to read the disc through a different angle of the lens, and can often be a temporary fix for disc read problems.

However, in the long term it’s most efficient to get the Gamecube fixed through a professional repair service. Gamecube console repairs aren’t all that expensive, and by replacing the lens, the console will last for another several years with proper care.

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